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ADRC Flag Day 2018

About ADRC...

The Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly was set up as a pilot project by the National Council of Social Service in 1980. It was adopted by the National Association of Apex Clubs of Singapore and assisted by Sisters from the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. We provide services and care to the frail and disabled elderly as well as their carers and family members. With the continuing support from both the government, many generous benefactors and volunteers, we’ve expanded our services to include the Apex Rehabilitation Centre.

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> As a Flag Ambassador
To register, email to

CIP hours* / Letter of Appreciation will be awarded.

*Extra CIP hours will be awarded for

  • Fully filled donation tin and / or
  • Adopting of 2nd donation tin

Please have you meal before your shift and do bring some snacks along! Thank you and hope to see you there! =)

If you have any queries, please email

> Adopt-a-tin

You can adopt a “ADRC Flag Day 2018” donation tin at a minimum amount of $50 per tin.

Your name / your organization's name will appear on the tin as an acknowledgement of contribution.

A volunteer will solicitor for donations on 28 April 2018 using the tin with your name / your organization's name marked on it!

If you are keen to Adopt-a-Tin, please email to

You can help us by organizing an Internal Donation drive within your organization.
We will hand you a donation tin. You can circulate the tin around your organization for donations.

If you are keen to carry out an Internal Donation drive, please email to

>Mode of Donation

1) By Cheque

All crossed cheques to be made payable to "Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre For Elderly" 

Indicate the following on the reverse side of your cheque:

(a) ADRC Flag Day 2018 

(b) Your name, 

(c) Your NRIC / FIN / UEN, 

(d) Your address and 

(e) Your Contact No.

Post your cheque to:

Apex Day Rehab Centre 

Blk 119 Bukit Merah View #01-85 
Singapore 152119

2) By Online Donation
- Support and Donate via our online portal  at! 

Flag day tips

[Source from]

Flag Day - an event that most students experience at some stage of their schooling days.

For the onlookers, the activity does seem interesting, even fun, to walk around town, seeking donations from friendly passers-by. Yet for those who have been there and done that, flag day is not as simple as it seems. Much stamina is needed to trek through the trails of Orchard Road; and smile with subtlety at would-be donors. While we have heard of friends who receive fifty-dollar donations easily, the rest of us just have to continue to work for at least half the day.

Hence, we have collated a list of advice to help you with this meaningful mission.

By the way, if all else fails, and people still say “Sorry, I don’t have coins”, just answer, “It’s okay. We accept notes too.”

Filling up the tin: hot tips on flag-selling!

The Attitude

When you think positive, you are most confident and charming! No one will be able to resist you…

  • Have the correct mindset

Remember: you are here to help the needy. Do not lose heart even if people ignore your pleas.

  • Truly believe you are doing GOOD!

The Saturday sacrificed WILL make a difference to the orphans, elderly and sick. Your conviction is contagious—people will want to donate!

  • Be polite always.

Greet them (“Good day!”); and end with ("Thank you, enjoy your day!"). Courtesy does wonders to your image.

The Approach

Show that you are sweating your guts out for this -- people do donate because they see you working so hard for a good cause.

  • Get your facts right.

It is a must to know basic information about the organisation you are helping (e.g. its name, beneficiaries). Donors want to know where their money goes to.

  • Liase with the other volunteers.

Do not all flock to one location, and flood the area.

  • Choose a good location.

No point standing at a busy site where everyone is rushing at light-speed to run errands. They will not even look at you, much less take out their wallets.

  • Work in small groups.

Position yourselves at strategic points nearby such that people will have to donate to either of you.

  • Make the first move.

Approach passers-by; extend your can. It is hard to refuse someone right in front of you.

  • Be persistent.

People will rather donate some money than have someone bugging them all the way.

The Appearance

First impressions count, and directly affect your intake of donations.

  • Look them in the eye

Direct eye contact shows your sincerity.

  • Smile.

Have a sparkle in your eye. Keen facial expression and body language guarantee increased willingness to donate.

  • Do NOT show boredom!

It puts people off! After all, why should they care, when the volunteer is not even bothered?

  • Be neat.

Donors avoid sloppy dressing and untidily dressed people.

Last but not least... Have fun and good luck!