To grow, learn, make friends and have fun, while helping others

Interested in becoming a member?

Membership into Apex Club is by invitation from a  Club only. If you are interested in membership, either fill up our contact form or approach an individual Club (Bukit Timah and City) directly. Indicate that you are considering membership and would like to attend a Club event/meeting to learn more.

Membership Criteria

Apex welcomes members from all walks of life and is open to both young men and women. The Club  consists of only active members and life members.

(a) Qualifications for Active Membership

Any person of good character who has attained the age of 18.

(b) Term of Active Membership

Active members shall retire at the next annual general meeting in the year in which they have attained the age of 45 years.

(c) Qualifications for Life Membership

Life members are past members who, in the opinion of their Club’s Board, are worthy of life membership by reason of their having rendered meritorious service to the Club.

As a “minimum standard” for the appointment of member as a life member, he shall have:

(i) Completed a minimum of eight years active membership;

(ii) Performed at least 5 years of Service as a Board Member of National Board or Club Officer; and

(iii) Reached his final year of active membership or is a past member of the Club.

Life membership can still be awarded to a past member who does not meet the minimum prescribed number of years, if at least 75% of the National Board has given approval.

Associate Members

People over the age of 16 who do not qualify as active members of the Club but  who wish to contribute, may become an Associate Member of the Club.  An Associate Member does not have rights to vote or to hold Club positions.

Apex Affiliations

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